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Tips for Diversifying Children's Diets


  • Get children involved in the kitchen

    • Wash fruit and vegetables

    • Measure ingredients

    • Tear lettuce for salad

    • Cut vegetables

    • Help set table


  • Let children help in planning the meals


  • Take children grocery shopping at the store or farmer’s market


  • Add healthy foods when you can (i.e. broccoli to mac and cheese)


  • Don’t buy food you don’t want your children to eat


  • Make meals fun

    • Use cookie cutters for varying shapes

    • Offer “taco night” model meals

    • Toothpicks/party picks

    • Food art

    • Use an ice cream scooper to serve rice, mashed potatoes


  • Keep healthy snacks convenient and accessible


  • Eat meals as a family


  • Let children make a beautiful vegetable platter to serve


  • Use dips- ie. Bean dip, guacamole, hummus


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