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August 2014 is Kids Eat Right month!


Kids Eat Right is created by an initiative of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and its Foundation.  You can learn more on their website


How can we help ‘kids eat right’? 


See below for tips to help foster healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle for the whole family.  Embedded is the idea  that children learn by doing.  So what better way to learn about healthy food and cooking than by participating in it?


  • Enlist your child(ren) to help plan the menu.  They can contributing their ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (See my website for a blank calendar to help with planning.)

  • Give your child(ren) the job of writing up the shopping list.

  • Bring your child(ren) to the grocery store.

  • Explain to your child(ren) the perimeter of the grocery store is usually where you can find the most nutritious, least processed, whole food items.  This is where you want to buy the most food from.

  • If you want your family to eat nutritious, healthy food, then buy nutritious, healthy food.

  • Allow children to help prepare, chop and cook the meals.  By feeling ownership over the process they are more likely to eat the food.  You can even set up a size and utensil appropriate station for them to work.

  • Make a commitment to eat as a family (without electronics). This allows you to catch up on the day and connect.

  • Teach and model mindful eating: By eliminating distractions and focusing on our food- flavors and textures, we tend to eat slower and know when we have had enough, therefore decreasing the chance to overeat.  


What will you do to honor 'Kids Eat Right' month?



For additional family nutrition and wellness tips and supplementary materials visit my website at

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