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You Don't Need Music to Dance



This morning towards the end of my hot, sweaty morning walk in Central Park I came upon a nanny and her two, twin charges.  The twins, both girls, looked about 3 years old.  The nanny and one of the girls were dancing while the second girl watched.  The nanny, beautiful and smiling from the inside out, addressed the watcher, asking her to join in, but this girl requested music to dance to.  The nanny’s response, “you don’t need music to dance”. 


I guess I had already emerged from my walking meditation, because this statement penetrated me.  I was struck by the message and intrinsic idea, which you don’t need an external beat, music, motivation to express oneself, but instead this can come from within.  We have within us the “music” to move to.  What a beautiful message!


I thought about this, our motivation coming from within, and how it relates to health.  Simply put, we don’t need a diet to be healthy or as an external source of motivation, especially if we want to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Instead, the idea of eating healthfully and taking care of oneself is done because that is what feels good.  It is where we get our “beat”.  We feel good when we take care of ourselves and taking care of ourselves feels good.  We do not need a diet or a plan to guide us just the “music” from within.  This is where lasting health comes from.




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